DOC.SOFA will endow you with a super-awesome experience for both your body and soul at once.

Motiff of design : "EGG"

Motif of Design; Egg

The motif of Doc.Sofa was borrowed from the oval shape of an egg which visualizes a high shock absorption from outside. The ceiling was designed to converge the LED light onto human body so that anyone who lies on it can be surrounded by the comfortable light. The bed was designed to best ergonomically accommodate human body with variant lugs to land your legs, arms, and knees and feet on, which will minimalize your weight and prevent your body from slipping. It’s a privilege to throw yourself into your own space of Doc. Sofa, exquisitely and purposefully designed, in which you expose yourself to the very light needed for you at any posture within. This is the exclusive beauty of design!

Structure of Doc.sofa



1512 pieces of Ture Color LED bulbs. Try to experience 10,000 Lux of sun light.


9 panels of Carbon Film


Sound Therapy Heard via not the Ears but the Body 1000 Vibrations/Minute


Enjoy the Video Therapy via a 24-inch Android Monitor


  • The 1512 LED Chips of SMD 5050 TRUE COLOR will render the sun light type of 1000-lux

  • We have long known that there is a difference between good water and bad one. We have longer known that there is a difference between good air and bad one. How long then have we known the difference between good light and bad one? Human body wants good light, which is to be provided by Doc.Sofa.

  • The color and light of the nature provides energy to all the living creatures on earth who react to the rhythm of light for their lives. Our human body repeats the ups and downs in its function in accordance with the 24-hour cycles of bio-rhythm. A cyclical creation and secretion of hormone in human body is typical of changing bio-rhythm, also exemplified by Serotonin during day time and Melatonin during night time.

  • Doc. Sofa faithfully replicate the light and color of the nature, in which people can be provided with its needed energy, ensconced in comfort surrounded by light and color. This is a multifunctional therapy station which can bring you the most relaxed state; you can appreciate the beautiful sceneries of sea and mountains while listening to the sound of natures. Your muscles are most relaxed and your brainwaves are to return to the optimum α-waves.



  • Infrared radiation (IR) is electromagnetic radiation (EMR) with longer wavelengths than those of visible light, and is therefore generally invisible to the human but safe to all the organisms.

  • This IR heats first the surface of the solid things and then reflects back the radiations into the room to get the indoor air warmed. Relative to the traditional way of warming the air in the room, it is remarkable that it warms directly the objects.

How does Infrared work?

Far Infrared Carbon Crystal Heating Element / Film

We feel the effects of this type of heat almost immediately no more waiting around for rooms to heat up

Because we are being heated directly this allows us to reduce the temperature in the room 2-3 degrees and still enjoy that same comfortable feeling but now with much smaller bills.

Traditional heating systems are notorious for circulation dust, pollen, spores and bacteria which can be harmful to our health. With radiant heat the air remains still so that asthma sufferers and people with allergies feel much better.



  • Acoustic Resonance is a phenomenon where acoustic systems amplify sound waves whose frequency matches one of its own natural frequencies of vibration.Acoustic Resonance works in the same way of creating sound vibration by a speaker but in a much smaller size, which is the world first sound vibration technology. By transforming the audible frequency band of 20Hz-20KHz to sound vibrations, it renders a more effective and safer massage to human body.

  • This sound pressure technology is perfectly represented in our non-penetrative device so that it gives us a very stable and fantastical feeling.

  • Sonic massage is mainly based on Acoustic Resonance which makes it possible to transfer natural sound vibration softly to your skins, muscles, tendon, ligament, and bones and joints, so that an effective massage is achieved.

  • Sonic vibration stimulates senses and cells of human body to vitalize the somatic sensibility as well as reduce the stress.

The condition of blood corpuscle after a 10-min exercise

The condition of blood corpuscle before an exercise is making the cell organization lumpy due to the weakened electromagnetic force, by accumulating steatite and accelerating the acidification of your body.

These malfunctioned cells from the lack of exercises bar the nutrients from being transferred to other cells and eventually stop working, which is normally a chief cause of illness and can also be led to the cancer in the worst case.

The condition of blood corpuscle after a 10-min exercise

The condition of blood corpuscle after a 10-min exercise shows dissolutions of the lumped cells. This is an indication of a change from acid to alkalic environment of body by the moderated Ph index.

The condition of blood corpuscle after 10-min exercise and 5 min-rest

The condition of blood corpuscle after 10-min exercise and 5 min-rest shows more distinct dissolutions of lumped cells, which implies more dynamic energy is recharged and the Ph index is more remarkably changed from acid to alkalic state and consequently makes it easier for nutrients and energy to be transferred to the cells.



  • 24" Wide 16:9 LED Display

  • 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)  광시야각 모니터

  • Android 5.1 / Touch Screen