HumanWorkers is committed to bring the best exercise experience to students, employees, creative professionals and all people around the world through its innovative equipment, programs and exercise culture.


We would like to help make a happy world in which people can live healthily. Existing exercise are mainly based on quantitative and technical perspectives. There is no human element. Therefore, users get tired of exercising because the equipment is disconnected from the users’ emotions, they experience pressure form sports facilities or give up prematurely because of exhaustion.

Our goal through doc.flex is not to build large muscles but to have an upright, beautiful and balanced body.

To accomplish this goal, doc.flex was started with a sense of purpose and integrity. We should create a totally unique healthcare system that could provide spaces and natural gentle exercise strategies that not only flexibility and a good balance of muscle strength, but also help to solve chronic mental health issues brought about by living in the modern world.


Human Workers Co., Ltd.





Business Areas

R&D & production of health & beauty care equipment

Beauty/Yoga/Pilates franchise business

Health & beauty education business

​OEM production and supply business

Health & beauty product distribution business