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What's Doc.Flex?

The design concepts use in the 7 Doc.flex items product line are Simple, Easy and Deep. These concepts are symbolized in constructing each body of equipment. The core value of Doc.flex is that the weight of the human body itself enables an exercise to be fully fulfilled or realized in comfort and depth without having to resort to any external power.

The beauty of “simple” design and “easy” access are intuitively embedded in this Doc.flex, bringing us a “deep” exercise effect. The body line in parabola well represents the basic concept of soft and deep exercise using the natural weight of the human body.

The softness of exercise is well expressed in the wooden structure and the strength of the exercise is moderately emphasized in the black colored metal accents. The red color of the sliding mat symbolizes the fervor of exercise, adding a sense of dynamics and freshness to the otherwise monotonous atmospheres of most fitness centers. The edge of the wooden frames are all rounded off to maximize the sensation of comfort and simplicity.

White Birch is the main material of  the Tripitaka Koreana

(Woodblocks of Eighty Thousand Buddhist Scriptures and Silla Dynasty's Cheonmado, Painting of Woodplate).

Birch wood is very firm with straight grains and lasts long with no worms invading into. Doc.flex will deepen its exercise effect with the softness of nature plus the durability of high density plywoods

Doc.flex contains a touch of durability, sense of color and details which are impossible to imitate.

We raised the paradoxical question about why those who aspire to get out of a structured mechanical life have to resort to those cold steely machines in health centers. That is why we started with white birch wood. Using white birch plywood has resolved the problem of durability and deformation from damage, temperature and humidity.


The wooden parts where no skin is touched on are reinforced with black colored steel. The safety of users is more highly considered than the safety of product itself. Doc.flex is designed to prevent any human injuries from overuse or misuse by absorbing the load weight of human bodies unlike steely machines.

The purpose of the mechanism of exercise in Doc.flex products is to bring balance
to the musculature and skeletal systems.
A Good Exercise Method
A Good Coach
A Safe Exercise

Doc.flex is a good method of exercise. Forget about the tiresome and heavy way of traditional exercise.


Doc.flex will help you exercise with ease, efficiency and efficacy.

Doc.flex is a good coach. We provide a scientific program with which anyone can become a good coach.


Good exercise goes hand in hand with a good coach

Doc.flex is safe. We continue to provide safe and efficient programs – natural ways of using body movement and weight load

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